We inform you that the Vetogene srl laboratory has been acquired by ENCI Servizi srl. The new name of the laboratory is: Vetogene – ENCI services.

The acquisition took place with a view to giving continuity to the services offered by the Laboratory, founded in 2003, and to implement and expand the services offered to breeders. Vetogene – ENCI Servizi is and will remain the laboratory at the service of breeders.

The services offered include:

  • the control of kinship and characterization of the subjects by means of DNA analysis;
  • the recognition of genes responsible for genetic diseases with DNA analysis for the early identification of sick people and healthy carriers;
  • the identification of the allelic variants responsible for some morpho-functional characters, such as the color of the coat;
  • assistance and advice to breeders and breed clubs for the programming of selection plans.

Reiterating that the operation of the analysis laboratory will remain unchanged, further initiatives and services will be launched in the coming months. The contacts of the Vetogene laboratory – ENCI services will remain the usual ones.
The new rates, which present concessions for Breeders Members and for members of Dog Groups and Specialized Associations, are available in the appropriate section of the Vetogene website.

The president of ENCI Servizi srl

Dino Muto