Blood collection

Instructions for sampling in cats

Blood sample:

0.3 – 0.5 ml of blood in tubes containing EDTA. Store the sample containing the biological sample in a cool place, however below 10C ° and do not freeze. Do not wait more than 2 (two) days for shipping

Or buccal sampling, to be carried out with:

“Cytobrush “:

Disposable for endocervical cytological sampling, for brushing of the inner wall of the cheek and collection of flaking cells of the buccal mucosa. Each toothbrush should be rubbed with some energy between the upper gum and the cheek, internally, 3-4 times on the right and 3-4 times on the left. The operation does not cause pain to the cat or bleeding (if the mucosa is not already inflamed). A badly done sample can invalidate the result of the test. THREE brushes are required for each sample . The toothbrush should be left to dry at room temperature for 15 ‘before packing it.

” Cotton Fioc”:
The same precautions indicated for the buccal swab must be maintained, in this case, however, it will be necessary to provide at least FIVE cotton buds , used on one side only (remove the cotton at one end and use the other for sampling).
The cotton swab should always be left to air dry before being wrapped.


If the sample is taken with Cytobrush or Cotton Fioc, never touch the part that is inserted into the cat’s mouth with your bare hands, neither before nor after the sample.

If the sample is not well taken, stored and shipped, therefore insufficient and inadequate for the analysis, no reimbursement of the payment will be made as the laboratory has in any case initiated the service

In both cases the sample can be sent by courier or by priority mail (samples delivered directly to the laboratory are not collected), without refrigeration and withstands room temperature for 2-3 days.

It is advisable to carry out the sampling and then the shipment in the first days of the week, in order to guarantee its arrival at the laboratory by Friday. Samples do not require refrigeration.

DOCUMENTS TO ATTACH to the sample container:
Cat identification form
Original copy of the Postal Account Bulletin (NO postal order, NO cash)
Photocopy of bank transfer