Instructions for sending the biological sample

Shipping is always at the expense of the sender.

The shipment of the biological sample in a test tube containing EDTA must be made with a closed thermal container with a refrigerated siblet of adequate size inside.



Vetogene srl c / o Filarete Foundation Viale Ortles, 22/4 20139 Milan


To send the breeder / owner to our laboratory, in addition to the standard methods, he can use the courier agreement Gls-Executive indicating on the waybill the words ASSIGNED PORT – CODE 7079

The cost of shipping
 with our. agreed courier, to be paid at the same time as the required test (via the Vetogene website directly via the “analysis form”) is :
– € 15.00 VAT included from all over Italy
– € 20.00 VAT included from Sardinia and Sicily

To find the location of the nearest Gls-Executive courier and to book the collection, consult the page and fill in the space relating to the location.

The address to send the sample to is the following:

Vetogene – ENCI servizi srl c / o Filarete Foundation Viale Ortles, 22/4 20139 Milan


1) prepare for the insertion of sample data (dog or cat) using the appropriate form on the website

2) print the form and have it signed and stamped also by the veterinarian who will make the sample

3) Insert in the envelope the sample, the form of the data entered, a copy of the payment made, according to the various possibilities provided

4) call the GLS courier using the telephone number that will appear depending on the location closest to you ( ) to organize and book the collection.

5) fill in the vehicle card and place the package in a special plastic bag that the carrier will provide you with

6) remember to fill in the correct address and the wording PORT ASSIGNED CODE 7079 on the waybill that the carrier will provide you with.

Through this procedure you can avoid going to the post office for shipping, remembering that the payment of the transport must not be made in cash to the courier, as it is already included in your payment to Vetogene.