The cryopreserved seed, already widely used in the breeding of large animals, is increasingly used for the artificial insemination of pets and for the protection of genetic material of rare species and valuable breeds.

Sperm can be preserved for short periods of time at refrigeration temperature (+ 5 ° C) and for a practically indefinite time with freezing in liquid nitrogen (-196 ° C).

Both of these conservation techniques involve dilution with media that preserve the vitality and functional integrity of the spermatozoa during exposure to non-physiological temperatures.

In the event that the male and the female reside in different countries, the conservation of the semen allows to avoid the movement of the animals and the artificial insemination can be performed with semen stored and sent to the place of residence of the female.


  • Refrigeration or freezing and storage of samples.
  • Shipment of chilled or frozen samples to EU countries or third countries.
  • Import and storage of refrigerated or frozen samples from EU countries or third countries.


The seminal sample collected from the donor dog (obligatorily identified with Microchip) will be analyzed to evaluate its quality before storage.

A certificate will be drawn up for each sample. (see seed quality page)

On the same date, the donor will be visited and subjected to any tests to certify the state of health (for the export of the semen in some countries specific examinations of the donor are required).

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  • Semen examination: 80 euros (VAT included) *
  • Seed refrigeration: 180 euros (VAT included) *
  • Shipping: cost based on destination and type of shipment

FREEZING (-196 ° C)

  • Semen examination: 80 euros (VAT included) *
  • Semen freezing: 270 euros (VAT included) *
  • Storage up to 12 sequins = 1 visotube € 150 (VAT included) * per year
  • Shipping: cost based on destination and type of shipment
  • Import of frozen semen from EU countries or third countries and temporary storage in liquid nitrogen (max 30 days): 50 euros (VAT included)*

* plus any VAT adjustment

Prof. Gaia Cecilia Luvoni

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