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To send to our laboratory, the breeder / owner, in addition to the standard methods, can use the Gls-Executive partner courier indicating on the waybill the words ASSIGNED PORT – CODE 7079

The cost of shipping with our. agreed courier, to be paid at the same time as the requested test
(via the Vetogene website directly via the “analysis module”) is:

  • € 15.00 including VAT from all over Italy
  • € 20.00 including VAT from Sardinia and Sicily

To find the nearest Gls-Executive courier office and book a collection, consult the page and fill in the space relating to the location.

SHIP EXCLUSIVELY TO : Vetogene – ENCI servizi s.r.l. c/o Fondazione Filarete Viale Ortles , 22/4 20139 Milano