How to book a DNA Storage for your dog

How to book a DNA Storage for your dog

2 Luglio 2021 0

Here is the the instruction for booking of “DNA storage” for your dog (recognised by the Italian Kennel Club – E.N.C.I.):

The procedure for depositing the biological sample through our site is as follows:

  • Search for the “DNA STORAGE – DOGS” product in the “search for breed / analysis” search bar that you find on the home page of the website (you can find it directly at the link
    Add the product to the cart and view the cart: the item ‘DNA STORAGE – DOGS’ will be indicated and the counter will indicate the cost of 18€.
  • Click ‘Proceed with the order’ and a page will open where you will have to enter all the data necessary to complete the request.
    By inserting the dog’s microchip in the space ‘Search for pet and owner data’ in the space at the top right, the data relating to the dog will be automatically compiled (for dogs already registered in ENCI with pedigree).
  • After having entered all the necessary data, you can proceed with ‘Place order’ and you will have to download the pdf of the sampling certification, which will be stamped and signed by the veterinarian at the time of collection (after he has verified the number of the microchip belonging to the dog).
  • Choose the payment method you prefer (with paypal-card you will pay immediately while by bank transfer you can pay at a later time).
    Here is the link with the details to make the payment by bank transfer, if you decide not to pay immediately online
  • For the biological sample, the link with the necessary information is provided below:
    We accept whole blood collection in EDTA (anticoagulant) or a buccal swab (Genotube Livestock) or even a portion of genomic DNA.

Once the sample has been received, you will receive the deposit certificate directly via e-mail in about 2 to 3 working days.

Write us at for any further information.