Molecular Genetics


Animal identification, parentage verification and certification based on  DNA analysis for breeders and forensics

  • Genetic diseases diagnostics for  inherited defects
    DNA based tests for morphological traits under selection
    Inbreeding evaluation
    Assistance to breeders and breed societies for breeding programs


    Cryopreserved semen, widely used in cattle breeding, is more and more used for artificial insemination in small animals and for the preservation of male germplasm of high genetic value individuals.... more



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Viale Ortles, 22/4
20139 Milano  MI  ITALY
( Foundation Filarete )  



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About us

The mission of VETOGENE Srl is to offer innovative and routine services and to support scientific researches in the fields of animal genetics and genomics.

VetoGene was established and is supported by Scientists and Professors of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - University of Milan, highly skilled and qualified in pet behaviour and genetics.

Foundation Filarete


VETOGENE proposes, seeks and develops scientific collaborations and technical supports for Educational Institutions (mainly Universities), Public Research Institutes, Breed societies and private owners.

Certificazioni Vetogene

got in December 2014,
the certification of the Quality Mark
UNI ISO-9001: 2008
CERTIFICATE No. 1504 (12.23.2014)

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Michele Polli

Professor - Molecular Biology and Genetics of pets

Maria Longeri

Professor - Molecular Genetics Specialist - Hereditary disorders

Jacopo Riva

Veterinary Surgeon - Welfare and Ethology, management and administration - Sector behavioral genetics

 Stefano Frattini PhD (Veterinary Animal Science) Geneticist and Supervisor Internal laboratory

Enrico Moretti

Veterinary, Administration


 CREDIT  Prof. Paola Magnetti


 Stefano Paolo Marelli Selection breed and zoognostic, pets and poultry
 Gaia Cecilia Luvoni Ordinary Professor, Cryopreservation of canine semen

Marina Verga

Professor - Responsible for welfare and ethology, behavioral genetics

 Luca Mertel Veterinary SurgeonOcular disorders

Casimiro Crimella

Professor - Management, breeding, breeding techniques

Federica Danelli

Biotechnologist internal laboratory

Diana Kempis

Certification and customer relation