Instructions for the analyses

-         Identification and relation-ship of the DNA (€ 95,00)


For the expedition is necessary to receive the blood both of the parents and both of the subject to be tested.

This test allow to check the real relation-ship father + mother = son/s and it is effectuated thanks to the test of the identification of the DNA. – For each subject is necessary to fill a single form.

-         Deposit of the blood (€25,00)


Drawing of blood :

0,5 ml of blood in a test-tube that contains EDTA (from the wing vein).

Temperature of preservation of the samples: + 4°C (in the fridge)


VetKard :

We advise to make the drawing of blood near the wing vein, depositing 4-5 drops of blood on the black-ringed part, leaving dry up for about 30 minuts.

The drawing of blood must be , at least, of 4 mm.


Feather :

      We advise to tear 2 feathers from the back; the feathers mustn’t be already dead and so already taken off. The feathers must be torn with their base (calamus) ,in that, the DNA is here contained.

ATTENTION: The feathers must be put in a small envelope in the packet sent, with the copy of the payment  and with the request form.

In the three cases, above-mentioned, the sample can be sent through mail without ice ( it’s not effectuated the withdrawal of the samples delivered directly to the laboratory).

We advise to make the drawing of blood and so the forwarding, during the first days of the week, so that, we guarantee the arrival at the laboratory within friday.

If the sample of blood in a test-tube can’t be sent the day of the drawing of blood, we advise to preserve it in the fridge (+ 4°C) at the most for 2 days.


-         Print of the form filled on line, properly signed

-         The feathers  that are required with the blood

-         Copy of payment (NOT money orders, NOT cash)


Vet kard system is a system for the collection, preservation and extraction of the DNA from biological sample, for everybody that want make different analyses of genetic identification and tests of relation-ship for dogs and carrier pigeons.

Features of the Vet Kard

- Simple modality of drawing of blood: it is sufficient to practise a small injection on the alar vein of the carrier pigeon with the special sterile needle for syrinx and lean the circular area of the Vet Kard on the drop of blood.